Business owners: Your employees don’t have to be slowed down by complaints of excessive heat and glare in their work environment. 3M Window Films can solve the toughest heat and glare problems, leaving happy employees and a happy boss. Whether the problem is heat, glare, security concerns or energy costs, Pristine Window Films offers the complete 3M product line, giving you the ability to “dial-in” the specific product which is right for your situation.


In addition, 3M offers a computer analysis which allows us to determine the payback time through energy savings when their products are applied - and the analysis is free!


If your concern is your businesses security, 3M Scotchshield “Ultra” Window Films will laminate your building's glass providing safety and protection from both man-caused and natural risks. These specially designed films use “nano” technology which creates multiple layers of microthin polyester which have an incredible resistance to tearing. Tested at government blast testing facilities, 3M films provide blast protection equivalent to a Class C or D rating - protecting against nearly any level of threat. And Scotchshield “Ultra” films are available with both solar efficiency and privacy attributes should your business require them.



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For a climate similar to that of the Southern Oregon area, use Sacramento, CA as your location.

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