Privacy and glare

One of the typical calls we receive concerns the need for privacy – in homes, schools, offices. It may be the side light of your homes front door or an office or conference room with too much glass – 3M Scotchtint ‘Fasara’ films can manage this issue in a number of different ways. Fasara decorative film choices create a frosted appearance on the glass, allowing diffused light through while highly reflective or very dark films create a glass surface which stops a person’s ability to see beyond the glass.


Glare complaints are another common call. Glare is essentially excessive light –

and is found on TV or computer screens, large window surfaces which have a direct exposure to the sun, even annoying reflections off of chrome bumpers and car windows which enter a store’s front glass making it difficult to conduct business. Typically glare is reduced by window films which simply darken the glass, filtering some of the brightness. There are many possible choices for glare reduction.

Privacy / Glare

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