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Attention Homeowners: One of the things that drives me nuts is driving through beautiful neighborhoods where every home has it’s window blinds down. Why did they put windows in their home? Wouldn’t sheetrock be cheaper? The answer: 3M Window Films.


There is no longer any reason to have your window blinds down, for fear of fading damage, when your windows are treated with 3M Window Film. 3M Window Films provide an invisible ultraviolet filter on your glass which substantially reduces the damage which can occur with plain glass.


Even “Low-E” windows allow ultraviolet light to penetrate the glass, but 3M window films stop 99% of the UV, effectively eliminating it as a source of fading. In addition, 3M Window Film products can reduce heat and glare, increase privacy, add shatter protection to glazing - all without substantial impact on the appearance of your home.


3M Window Film is applied to the inside surface of your home’s windows and is virtually impossible to detect. Pristine Window Films offers the entire line of 3M Window Film products so we can best match the products to your homes individual needs. And all 3M products offer 3M’s “Quality Assurance Promise” warranty - the best in the industry!


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