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Our schools, our homes and our businesses are only as secure as their weakest link – and most of the time the weakest link is the glass. 3M Scotchshield Safety and Security films are applied to door glass and windows to both hold glass shards in place when the glass is broken and impede forced entry into our buildings. It is applied to the inside glass surface and may be used in conjunction with attachment systems which integrate the filmed glass and the framework the glass is mounted in.












The term ‘safety film’ generally applied to films which are designed to retain glass fragments when the glass is broken. They are used in locations where the threat to the glass may be more concerned with damaging natural events such as earthquakes. ‘Security film’ generally applies to film products which have a greater resistance to the effects of repeated impacts to the glass and have a pronounced ability to resist tearing. In both product lines the thickness of the film, measured in mils, is a significant part of the films strength. However, in the 3M Ultra Security Film series, the unique multi-layered design of the film actually has more to do with its strength and tear resistance than its thickness does.


3M Scotchshield Safety and Security films are available in a number of strengths and tints. From clear to highly reflective, these films can be ‘dialed-in’ to combine both security and solar efficiency and/or glare reduction.


On door glass and windows in proximity to doors code requires the glass to be tempered. On this type of glass the applied film ABSOLUTELY MUST be ‘attached’ to the framework surrounding the glass, to secure it in the event of breakage.


School building officials, building security personnel – watch the safety/security videos on our website to see these 3M Scotchshield films being put to the test!


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3M Safety & Security Window Films Listed in Department of Homeland Security SITE Database.
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