This is an excerpt from an article covering safety and security in the public school system in the Madison Wisconsin area. They have incorporated 3M Safety/Security film in their comprehensive building security program:

"The Mishawaka-area school corporation instituted a three-layer approach over the past several years at all of our schools, which included closing off the formerly “open concept” designs at 10 of PHM’s elementary schools. The first layer entails the entrances of each building. For example, at Bittersweet Elementary School visitors must be buzzed in through two separate doors watched over by video cameras. The second door leads directly to the front office where guests are asked to sign in and present an ID card. On all of the exterior school windows there is a 3M security film—that’s what accounts for the tinted coloring—which acts as a deterrent if someone tries to break a window in an attempt to gain access to the school. The windows also have solar characteristics for energy savings. Even if the 3M glass is pierced by a bullet, it takes a little under two minutes for an individual to break a large enough hole to walk through." The use of 3M Security Film is a common-sense approach to the most vulnerable part of any structure - the glass. Slowing down an attempted forced entry gives occupants the precious time it takes to implement the safety plan, including notifying authorities. Take a look at our video's on how 3M Safety/Security Films make it difficult to get in! Bryan Platt

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