Fading Damage from Sunlight

Pretty much everyone has some favorite item in their home which they want to protect from fading, so it is placed away from the windows. And that's not a bad idea...but did you know: 3M Window Film filters 99% + of the ultraviolet light (the most damaging rays of the sun's light)? And what is interesting, is that the filtering happens regardless of the color, darkness (lightness), or reflectivity of the film which is applied! What that means is that you don't have to feel you need to make your homes windows look excessively dark, or mirror-like, to be an effective protector for your furnishings. Call us or come on by, we have a brochure which you are welcome to take that can detect the presence of UV light inside your home. Use it to check out the UV penetration you are experiencing from any of your homes windows, and it is reusable! It's actually kind of fun to see where the trouble spots are - and there is no charge for the brochure! Bryan

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