Here is another way to look at window film

Here is another way to look at window film - custom logo's for your business used in a practical fashion. Here a local business has developed what they call ":Nesting Quail" as an integral part of their identity. They have taken that theme and incorporated it into a way to promote that identity and provide privacy on some of their interior office door windows. It is an effective way to get two for one! And it looks very attractive and professional as you walk down the hallway - maintains privacy and makes a statement. The graphics are cut from 2 3M "Fasara" Window Films, w

hich allow diffused light to pass through while maintaining privacy. We use the 3M Fasara Films on office doors and windows, rest rooms, exam room windows and other places where there is a need for privacy, and blinds or other window coverings aren't the best fit functionally or visually.

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