For those of you who may have older, less efficient double pane windows or even single pane glass, 3M’s NEW Thinsulate Insulating Window Film is a great solution! Thinsulate Window Film shares the characteristics of most of our other energy-saving product lines in its ability to reduce heat gain coming through your home or business’s glass AND it has a much greater ability to hold IN your home or businesses interior heat in the winter time.


Thinsulate Window Film is almost clear when applied. It has minimal reflectivity, slightly more than the glass itself, but makes an amazing contribution to the energy efficiency of your windows – making single pane windows as efficient as a double pane unit and double pane glass as efficient as triple pane windows!


Thinsulate Window Film is not for a situation where there is excessive glare, or brightness, as it is so clear there would be no improvement – but for the reduction of your energy bill both summer and winter, and for interior comfort 3M Thinsulate is hard to beat!


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We can also offer energy savings analyzers:

Homeowners: Click on the "Cost Analyzer" link. This link will take you to a 3M page with a simple but effective way to actually estimate what kind of cost savings you might expect from the application of a given 3M Window Film product to your home's glazing. Use Sacramento as the field, not Portland, as our climate is much more similar to Sacramento. 

Business Owners: Want to know exactly what kind of money you are spending needlessly on heating and cooling? Then put the 3M Energy Cost Analyzer to work for you. 3M has developed a program which allows a business owner to input a number of data points into their system, using any of 3M's window films, and calculate what yearly cost savings and payback on investment will be. This program is absolutely free, but does require collecting some information regarding current energy costs, sizes, numbers and orientation of building glazing, etc. We will accumulate the data and in a matter of a day or two, you can know what savings are available to you by applying 3M Window Films to your building's glass. 

3M 'Thinsulate' Energy Control Window Film

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      3M Thinsulate Window Film - Governor's Mansion  


      3M Thinsulate Informational Video 


3M Window Film Cost Analyzer
For a climate similar to that of the Southern Oregon area, use Sacramento, CA as your location.


EPA and DOE Awards 3M Again - Highest Energy Saving

The environmental benefits of window films are well known as films contribute to homes and buildings using less energy to keep spaces cool.